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Guys! 4 Reasons You Get Friend-Zoned


Big picture; so you like this real pretty lady, you walk up to her and you guys chat away like you’ve been friends forever, before long you’re buddies. Hand- in- hand you tag along everywhere, meanwhile you keep those feelings all locked up because you’re too afraid to let her know just how you feel, or perhaps, after a really long while you muster the courage and spill it, but, you get a resounding familiar ‘No’, come on Dave, don’t be silly, let’s just be friends, I mean, it’ll be totally awkward!”  Sadly, this is picture has become your reality every single time. Not fun huh? 4 reasons why this keeps happening;

1.You don’t make your intentions clear

Man Consoling Girlfriend

Most often than not, ladies don’t even know you’ll love to be otherwise and that’s because you never indicate that you aren’t comfortable with just being a friend. You need to set things straight before heading too deep. Want to say goodbye to the friend-zone? you need to make your intentions clear in your communication; verbal, non-verbal, written, whatever, just make it known. Be personal and make your feelings known.

2.You let her go on and on about other guys


Staying by her side and comforting her each time she gets hurt in a relationship isn’t the way to make her know you want her; it only makes her dub you with the title – “true friend” which of course lands you in the friend-zone. The longer you wait to make your feelings known, the deeper you sink into being just a friend.  Stop giving her that fake smile each time she goes on and on about how much other guys likes her and stop being her everly dependable therapist nursing her every heartbreak! Tell her you what you feel and give your love a chance, she just might be anxiously waiting to hear you say it.

3. You try way too hard


There you are; always there to take her shopping, stuff her fridge with lots of goodies and just probably while away time doing absolutely nothing, you’re carrying out all the responsibilities of an actual boyfriend while you’re basking in the friend – zone.  Although you might actually think you’re getting somewhere with her it just won’t happen. Stop being too available, especially when you notice it’s you doing all the giving and sacrificing – Even friendship is mutual and demands equal sacrifice from both parties. Keep tagging along and doing all her chores, she most likely won’t respect you and will definitely not date you.

4. You’re afraid of rejection


No one likes being rejected, so it’s pretty normal to want to keep your feelings locked up, however doing this constantly and not being willing to take the risk only lands you in the friend- zone. Stop being a buddy and take a leap.  It’s harder when you at last want to leap after being drawn in the friend-zone so deep and she says no, because you most likely will lose that great friendship as well. It’s not okay to just keep fantasizing about how someday she’ll probably see though your heart and reciprocate, make it known. Telling her how you feel will keep you from wasting your time with someone who’s not interested.

Each time, you feel like keeping your feelings locked up because you’re afraid of being rejected or losing her, think of just how amazing it’ll feel if she says yes!

Good luck!


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