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What Guys Wish You Knew!


Argh! Guys lock it up all the time!! They literarily shove us out without any inkling of just where their mind’s drifting – so we automatically become professional “mind readers” – How frustrating is that? Easier to spill it all, instead of letting us go round and round in circles, right? Understandably, it’s pretty difficult knowing what a man’s thinking without communication. Although you land “access denied” each time you try to penetrate his thoughts, you can learn about him by having a hang about guys generally. 6 secrets every guy wishes his girl knew;


1. Men are NOT wired like women


Men may not be simple beings, but let’s face it, they are not a complicated bunch who analyse every single detail; they don’t bother with the “what if’s” and when it comes to decision making, they generally have a moment of thought and arrive at their answer straightaway. Most times men just say and mean things as they are, but when those words drop they’re given millions of interpretations by us. We take their words and actions and obsess about their possible meanings, so yeah, we’re kind of wired differently.

2. Challenge is a big turn-on


Why men like bold women who know what they want and plunge right ahead to get it, easy isn’t satisfying; so men love a challenge – That feeling of conquering that which was tagged “impossible” does magic for his ego. To most, being a challenge makes you sexier; intellectually and emotionally, most men like women who can flirt and be available, yet  be detached and unavailable the next day. In essence, guys like the chase, make them pant for more.

3. Men do like it when women initiate sex


You know that assumption that you’ll be automatically tagged a whore if you handled matters in the bedroom? You need to scratch that, it’s a huge turn on! Who says men must always be givers and always be in control? Men equally carve being wanted and desired and totally appreciate it when you bring on your A- game in the bedroom. Got a high sex drive? Surprise your man with delicious tricks. Ride on girl!

4. Guy time is an absolute necessity

guy time

Yes your man loves you and totally loves spending time with you but he also needs time to bond with his buddies. Time out is needed sometimes and that’s what friendships are for. Friends help guys relax, so when next he leaves, don’t feel like he’s abandoning you, he just wants to have some time with his guys and come right back. Don’t choke a guy, give him space to breath, he’ll be running right back to you, instead of trying to get away.

5. Men desire to be understood and cared for just as much as women do


Books, magazines, blogs….everyone’s totally carried away with what a woman wants, her mood swings and her desired to be listened to, the need for her to feel cared for, blah, blah… Well, men are human as well and they want care and love just like women. Both parties should be responsible for nurturing the relationship, compromise should be equal. A man shouldn’t be the only one doing all the loving, a relationship is equal partnership.

6. Many men express their love through actions


Although most men aren’t articulate when it comes to speaking, actions tell a whole lot. Most guys aren’t smooth charming blokes who can warm your heart with sweet words effortlessly, rather they tell you how they feel through their actions. Does he often go out of his way just to please you? that’s his way of telling you he loves you. So give him a break sometimes if he doesn’t tell you he loves you with words, he’s saying it thorough his actions, but you aren’t just listening.

Easy breezy tricks to decoding your man!

Happy loving…


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