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5 makeup brushes every girl needs in her makeup bag


If you are just starting your journey into proper makeup techniques or you just need to know those things you need for an every day makeup routine, then you’re in the right place. Makeup brushes could be expensive so it’s okay to build a makeup kit gradually. These are 5 brushes that you’ll need

Foundation Brush

bru foundation
foundation brush

A flawless foundation application gets your makeup going in the right direction, hence a good foundation tool will make the process a lot more accurate. Depending on the type of foundation you use, the brushes differ, but in practical, the flat brush above can be used for both liquid and solid foundations. The stipling brush below is best for liquid foundations.

brusKeshima Makeup Brush Gift Set, Stippling Brush and Flat Top Kabuki Brush (7)
Stipling Brush

Angled brush 

angled brush

The angled brush is used for concealing your eyebrows and it can also be used to conceal neat tiny angles that might be too messy for a bigger brush. Getting an angled brush is important for very good looking brows, as the angles make it easier to navigate the arch of your brows. Best of all, when you finally get your brush set you can convert it to a gel liner, or a lip concealer, or something creative. It’s a win win.

Powder brush

bru powder

Powder keeps your face matte and sharp all day, and the brush makes the application much more flawless, keeps it  minimal and blends it on evenly. You don’t need it for only your brown powder, you could also use it to apply white powder too. It’s a makeup bag staple. You can’t do without it.

Eye shadow brush

bru Super-Soft-Professional-Oblique-Makeup-Eyebrow-Brush-Eyeshadow-Sale-Tapered-Blending-Eye-Shadow-Make-Up-Brush
eye shadow brush

Every girl needs an eye shadow brush, even those who aren’t into combining and blending colours. You never know when the need might arise for a little eye lid sparkle. The brush could come in handy anytime.

Blending brush

bru blend
Blending brushes


A very good blending brush in the right size could help out with harsh lines created during your eye shadow application, even when you just apply one colour.

These brushes won’t cost you an arm and a leg and you’ll look fab while at it too.

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