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Happenings to Host ‘The SME Anatomy’ Conference in August


Growth, development, and recognition will be the focus of the Happenings SME Conference, tagged ‘The SME Anatomy’, which is scheduled to hold on Thursday, August 3rd, 2017.

Organised by Happenings, the leading network of Happenings online magazine and radio, the conference will be a gathering of small and medium scale businesses where business owners can network, share their challenges, learn how to overcome them and use them to inspire others whilst also learning from and being inspired by others.

The planning of the event, according to the Managing Director, Happenings Media, Joy Isi Bewaji, was motivated by the need to foster growth among business owners and encourage, inspire, as well as improve businesses by disseminating pertinent information, dispelling myths militating against their growth, and recognising their efforts and hard work.

“The SME Conference was organised to encourage people not to give up really,” the Managing Director stated, “because I think it’s very tough to have businesses in Nigeria and survive. They say there is a five year curse, so we’re there to inspire them, those who have not yet covered the five years to know that there is still hope and those who have covered, to continue to acknowledge their work.”

She further explained, “To bring them together so that they can find the resources that they would need to improve on their crafts, either in material form or information that would help them or to meet with someone that would help improve their business.”

Thus, the event will be a platform for improvement, inspiration, and information that will not only ensure development among entrepreneurs but also present them with the opportunity to expand and grow their customer base.

“The event is an avenue to connect with Happenings Media, to promote their businesses, either on our Happenings Radio platform or our website or any of our digital promotion companies. There are so many things we can do for them,” Bewaji said, adding that business owners should take advantage of this platform to sell their services, market their products, and make presentations at the conference.

Notable speakers including, Moses Imayi of Skool Media, Ewaen Sorae of E’Sorae Luxury, and Gbenga Ayo-Dada of Artsmith Collections are billed to speak at the conference which has already attracted entrepreneurs in their hundreds.

It is the hope of the organisers, Happenings, to be the first in Nigeria to honour and celebrate, specifically, businesses by presenting awards to them.

“We would also like to, at some point, create an award,” Bewaji noted, “that would honour some of the small businesses that we have in Nigeria and because we don’t have anything like that.”


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