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Happy Ending for another Victim of Kidnap in Ikorodu


by Herman Everett

It was a dark period for the Agbedes on Thursday, August 10, as their 12-year-old daughter Toluwani was kidnapped by ritualists at their residence in Ikorodu, Lagos.

The victim’s father, who is a bread vendor, had just returned home from work, on that fateful day at 10am, when he asked his young daughter (Toluwani), to shut the gates, he realizes that 20 mins after, Toluwani is yet to return from the errand.

It dawned on the Agbedes, that their child may have been taken, when there is no sign of her at 4pm, gripped with trepidation, they involve the community security group known as ‘Oyabo’, in a search for Toluwani.

A search party, comprising the Nigerian police, the Oyabo security group, friends and residents of Hill top Estate Ikorodu, searched, till 2am in the morning, for Toluwani. A christian group showed their support by organizing a prayer session, for her safe return.

With hope dwindling for Toluwani’s parents, that she may never be found, there is an uproar, with screams of Halleluyah!, as Toluwani is seen walking back home at 11am, 72hrs after she went missing. The young victim while narrating her ordeal tells Happenings “all I remember is locking the gate and being dropped in front of a church.”

It has been in the news recently that residents of Ikorodu are constantly living in fear, because of the menace of the badoo group and the sudden rise in kidnapping. It hopeful that the government will intervene and protect the lives and properties of residents of Ikorodu.




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