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Hard Times? 5 Brilliant Ways To Stay Strong!


There are times when you just feel like everything’s falling apart! You feel like giving it all up; hope, dreams and all, but guess what? You shouldn’t! When those tough times come, remember they’re only there to shape you into becoming a better you. Don’t sweat it; after all the most beautiful success stories come from learning from mistakes made and conquering your defeat. 5 things to remember when hard times come calling;


1. Hard times don’t last forever

When hard times come calling, don’t just give up, challenges will always come but will fade eventually. Your strength lies in your ability to handle difficulties, don’t take the easy route by giving up, anyone can. Learn to hold it together – Be strong! Knowing it won’t last forever.

2. Your struggle makes you stronger


You never truly know what you’re capable of until those hard times come. Hard times help build your inner strength, providing you with an opportunity to prove yourself. Confidence and a true discovery of self are benefits you tend to gain when those moments come.

3. Soak yourself in positivity

Don’t waste precious moments sulking in depression wishing for better days, live in the moment and try to grab opportunities within your reach. Positive results don’t come from negative thinking. Your situation should not define you. Be strong and always remember who you are. How you place yourself is how the world takes you – Place yourself highly. Struggle is meant to help you discover you, not break you.

4. Surround yourself with the right people


Not everyone can stand by you on your journey to your destination, you need like minds around you to keep you productive. Friends who help bring out your best qualities help guide you to become stronger and more productive. During tough times you need someone who gets you, a shoulder you can cry on and lean on, sticking with you through the toughest moments and cheering you on in the midst of it all.

5. Smile through it all

Smiling during those hard times might be the last thing you honestly feel like doing, but truth is, a smile can make you feel better because it changes your whole outlook of life and helps you notice things that are at least going on okay. When things are hard, smile, it the first step to making things better. A smile is the first step at inner peace, don’t dwell in self pity. Look around you and embrace simple pleasures and seemingly minor achievements.

In essence, always remember, setbacks aren’t meant to break you, but make you stronger!

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  1. These are sure hard times especially in this recession period..it may not be that easy but one must strive to be happy always..
    Play music, sing songs, anything that will make you happy.

    It will just be a matter of time.

  2. Really, making making money and staying at the top of your game in this. country is like pouring water into a basket,BUT like you wrote staying positive and surrounding oneself with the right acquantances and teamates makes all the difference.


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