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H&M Racial Profiling or is the African American Community too Sensitive?


Days ago, the international community took up arms against clothing giant H&M, at the forefront of this battle and the threat of boycott was the African American community. As an observer of unfolding events, I stand in the sidelines, away from the deafening chaos of popular opinion.

I see how easy it is for preconceived notions to spread like a ripple, blocking out thoughts of a possible second scenario.

If you missed the scandal, here was what happened.

Apparently H&M had advertised their hoodies with two young boys, while one of the models was Caucasian wearing the hoodie with the words ‘Mangrove Jungle: Official Survival Expert; Junior Tour Guide’.  The young boy of African American descent had on the hoodie with the words ‘ Coolest Monkey in the Jungle’.

This caused an outrage, so much so that African American singer The Weeknd and G-Eazy shut down their collaboration with the brand.

I ask a rather pertinent question, if it had been a child of another race, would that hoodie have caused such an outrage? Obviously the answer is No.

It is a given that the African American community, nurse centuries of racism and racial profiling, causing them to become too sensitive, practically seeing shadows where there is none.

In their clamour for racial equality and identity, is it not ironical that they expect to be treated differently than any other race, where then is the equality they stand for.

If as a race you expect or demand that others walk on egg shells around you, doesn’t that speak of differentiation in itself?

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