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House girl caught in camera molesting madam’s son in VGC



A woman in Victoria Garden City, VGC  has caught her house help molesting her toddler with the help of a CCTV camera she had secretly installed in the house.

Distraught mother, who has withheld her name and CCTV video to avoid obstructing police investigation says she  unsuspectingly went through her CCTV camera on Monday and nothing prepared her for what she would find. She says, the house help called her two year old son into the sitting room, she pulled off her dress and asked the boy to suck her nipples while she masturbated.

The house help has since been handed over to the police. However distraught mum says the CCTV camera further reveals that after the house girl has climaxed, she would undress the boy and use his clothes to clean up her vagina, she wants to know whether she should take the boy for deliverance.




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