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How Far Will You Go to Be a Member of the Beard Gang?


When it comes to outrageous beauty trends, women are not the only sex guilty of embracing vanity, as men may be joining in the craze to keep up with beauty trends. For men, an important beauty trend is the beard. Men spotting beards have come to stay, that it has come to be known as the ‘beard gang’.

Men have come to adopt the beard gang craze that they spend time and money grooming their beards, to ensure it looks good. Unfortunately not every man can grow ample beards to qualify as a member of the esteemed beard gang.

Beauty companies are raking in millions from the sale of beard shampoos, conditioners and oils. If those don’t ensure beard growth, then men can adopt the more extreme method of glueing beard extensions on their chins.

While wigs for balding men have been made available, beard extensions, which look like real beards are being made for beardless men.

How far will you go to be a member of the beard gang?

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