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How To Be unique And Different As A Person


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Being different from the crowd is one of the most important things in ones life. Its your choice whether to be the driven or the driver.

Here are few ideas on how to be different from the crowd.

Love yourself first 

Before you can except your bosses and co-workers to accept and love who you really are, you have to accept who that person is.

Sure, it can be frustrating and lonely to think or look differently from everyone else but once you learn to accept yourself, others will follow.

Stand up

Take a stand, have an opinion and question things before accepting or rejecting them. If you want to stand out from the crowd, you’ll have to hold your head higher.


Make your voice heard

Your opinions count. Shake the ground with what you have, get noticed but make sure you’ve the right reason


No single human has ever achieved great things alone, there have always been people behind,so lead the crowd.

Talk to them about your choice and opinion and show them the way. This way, you’ll not be inside the crowd because you’re ahead of them.

Plan ahead

Any action when you wish to stand out needs planning, jot down all the things you want to do then plan on achieving your goals step by step.

Accept the fact that you cannot be someone overnight

Walk firmly but don’t kick off the path. Always remember, the people you leave behind while going up the ladder will meet you on your way down.

Stop hesitating

Hesitation is the first obstacle keeping you from success. Take that step face the challenge, life is all about taking risks and finding your own ground amid the maddening crowd.

Flaunt your own style

Developing your own personality is one level of achievement. The next entail implementing it and flaunting it,not to assert yourself but to be yourself. If your style happens to be different, flaunt nevertheless

Keep learning

Keep your knowledge seeking  thirst ongoing, stay tuned to the advances in your fields of interest . At any given opportunity keep adding to your skills, know how and any other aspects. Remember, there is never any limit to the amount you can learn.

Accept your different choices 

Once you have discovered what sets you  apart ,learn to accept the person you are. The trouble with a lot of people comes from failing to accept they are different.

If you will not accept your unique qualities, how can you expect the rest of the world to do so

Find your special element

The trick to really start being different is to know what you really like to do and what actually makes you happy. This may be very different from what is expected of you or what others around you are doing as a habit or practise.

So, your special element could be something you do at a personal or professional level it just has to be unique to you personality.

Dress for yourself

Avoid trying to dress to please others this may attract certain people into your life,but not those who will really resonate with you.

If you follow fashion trends that you don’t actually like,it will be harder to make connections because you’ll be wearing a false shell, instead dress to suit your personality and your tastes

Stay current

The world is continuously evolving at a very fast pace,and we as individuals should be on exception.

Always pay attention to how you can keep reinventing yourself to stay relevant in a world that is constantly changing.

Use your difference to make a difference

Those who are different are perfectly positioned to make a difference. It I’d not the Wallflower whose going to help a company go green, or the conformist who will invest a new business model.

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