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How To Eat Healthy As A Plus Size


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First things first, plus size do not mean you are overweight, and ditch all those who tell you otherwise!

Being overweight or obese means that you have an excessive amount of fat in your body. Medically speaking, if your BMI is between 18.5 and 25, you are in the normal weight range and beyond 25 means obese.

Obesity comes with its own series of problems. So choose health instead, stay healthy and stick to a diet that will prevent you from becoming over weight.

1. Don’t skip meals!

2. Do not eat huge portions

3. Don’t use food as a de-stressing medium

4. Don’t eat while on the move

5. Say no to the urge to have a midnight snack

. And remember you can stay plus sized and also stay healthy if you can follow these basic steps

Below are five tips to follow that will definitely help to keep a healthy fat other than focusing on getting skinny


1. Keep a Food Diary

This is the easiest way to keep track of what goes into your body! Just write down everything you eat (religiously), and you will start to notice how you can make a little cut here and allow yourself another little treat instead!

2. Say no to sugar

Yes, your body needs sugar, but in today’s world most processed things come with extra sugar and your body does not need that much sugar! So say no to processed foods with sugar (read the labels) and also no sodas!

3. Don’t go to extremes

When it gets to cutting down on sugars  (and unnecessary calories) a lot of us would go to extremes. But your body will only hit back with a vengeance! And eventually you will binge. So restrict in moderation.

4. Create an exercise regimen that you can follow

How many of us have tried out some exercise regimen and abandoned it very soon because it was becoming just impossible to follow? We do not live in an ideal world, so why pick an unideal exercise regimen?! Instead pick easy and enjoyable things – like swimming, walking, jogging etc, that you can follow through!

So forget weight-loss, and only remember H-E-A-L-T-H!

Stick to a healthy diet and exercise plan and see how you glow with your new found happiness!

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