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How To Extract Coconut Milk From Fresh Coconut Kernels



Ilori TItilayo

Coconut oil is a natural extract that contains many health benefits for the body.

The goodness of Coconut oil has been spoken of and passed from generation to generation.

In recent times also, the use of natural and organic extracts for food and beauty products has come to the fore and is fast gaining momentum to the point of even forcing big organisations to invent organic products in other to remain relevant in the competitive world of business.

Here are the simple steps for home made cold pressed Coconut oil.

*  Wedge out the Coconut kernel from mature fresh coconut and chop into tiny pieces.


*   pour the thinly chopped coconut in a blender with just enough warm water to be able to grind it into a thick, coarse paste.


*   Place cheesecloth on a container and drain out the liquid,  you can use a clean unused pillow case if you don’t have a cheesecloth). Pour back the coconut shaft into the blender, add little warm water, blend again and pour back into the cheese cloth to drain. Repeat the third time.


*  The white liquid that has collected in the container is the coconut milk which is to be kept aside for two days for fermentation, to be able to obtain virgin coconut oil.


*  Put the coconut milk to boil, cook it for a couple of hours and stir it every once in a while to make sure it doesn’t burn.


*  After around one hour and half of cooking, it will start to thicken.


*  After a while, the oil will start separating from the milk. Start collecting the oil after two hours of cooking on medium heat.


Scoop out the separated oil on top into another container (do not collect into plastic or glass bottle directly, it might crack due to the temperature difference. Collect into a steel container and transfer only when it as completely cooled.

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