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How To Look Classy And Elegant With Clutch Purse


Titilayo Ilori

Clutches are the ultimate evening bag and the ideal companion. They give you the finishing look and provide you a place to store things.

Carrying a clutch with poise can pose something of a challenge to those who are used to shoulder bags and handbags.

But there are different ways to carry a clutch purse without seeing it as a challenge.

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Strap it on

Many clutch purses comes with straps in leather or chain,if you don’t want to concentrate on your clutch, simply sling it on your shoulder.

If its a wristlet (with a bangle or small detachable loop attached) wear it around your wrist.

Get a grip

Oversized clutches can be tucked under your arm if you want to shift the  focus on your lower body or can be held in hand to keep the focus on the upper half of your body.

Don’t play matchup

Avoid over matching your  clutch with your outfit,if you’re wearing a pair of shoes or dress that has a bold pattern or intricate design, choose a clutch that’s sleek and simple.

Many fashion enthusiasts prefer neutrals because they go well with all the colours on the colour wheel,but that shouldn’t stop you from experimenting with bold colours and interesting prints.

In fact, python print clutches are very much en vogue.

See lovely photos below.

Clutches Clutches Clutches Clutches Clutches Clutches

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