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HOW TO MAKE: Red Cocoyam Pottage


There is no end to discovering new recipes that can be prepared using everyday ingredients that are around us.

This week we feature cocoyam recipes because so many people do not know what to do with cocoyam, other than cook it white like yam, and eat with stew or beans.

Here is an interesting option to explore. Enjoy!


· Cocoyam ( 200 naira worth)
· Smoked Fish ( hand full)
· Handful Smoked Shrimp
· 1 cooking spoon Tomato/ Pepper mix
· 2 pieces Tomato( chopped)
· 1/2 Onion ( chopped )
· 1tbsp chopped Effirin (Scent leaf)
· 11/2 spoons Palm Oil
· Crayfish seasoning to taste
· Salt to taste
· 60 cl Water

· Peel the Cocoyam, wash and chop into desired shapes and place in a pot.
· Add the water, tomato/ pepper mix, onion, seasoning, shrimp, fish, chopped tomato and bring to boil
· Add the crayfish when Cocoyam starts to boil and stir with wooden spoon
· Taste for salt and add oil when the yam is cooked
· Stir thoroughly to get a thick sauce .
· Add the effirin/ Ntong / Nchawun last and cook for just a minute and your pottage is ready.
· Serve hot as the Cocoyam tends to harden when cold.
Cooking tip:

Wooden cooking spoon helps to get your pottage sauce to thicken on time.


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