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‘I am waiting patiently for this present administration to end’ – Mallam Mohammed


Happenings Magazine correspondents, Kikelomo Onigbanjo and Odunayo Adeneye had a chat with Mallam Mohammed, a provisions seller who also doubles as a security man. He gave us an insight into his family, opinion on the government, his business amongst other things. Enjoy:

Happenings Magazine: Personal details

Mohammed: My name is Mohammed. I am from Kaduna State. I am ‘seriously’ married with six kids. My wife is a very strong woman. I sell provisions on Oko Awo street. I came to Lagos since 1984/85.


Happenings Magazine: How did you start this business?

Mohammed: I started from Ilupeju palmgrove area. I have been doing this particular business for the past six years. I’m doing this business because I really like it. I first moved Ajah but because business was not really moving, I moved here. I am moving out of here too very soon because sales are not really moving here.

Happenings Magazine: What challenges have you faced so far since you started this work?

Mohammed: There are so many challenges, majorly inflation. You go to the market to buy something at a particular rate today, by tomorrow you will not find it at that rate. It would have increased; never decreasing.

Happenings Magazine: What do you think of this administration?

Mohammed: This administration is the hardest and the strongest administration. I have come across. Just imagine how high the dollar has risen. It is so frustrating. I believe this present administration will do their best and leave the rest for the best government that will come up. I do not believe in the administration one bit. The president has not done well at all. They said they were coming to work for the masses. See how well they are working. I am waiting patiently for this tenure to end. That is how we will continue. They succeeded in stamping themselves into the minds of every Nigerian. This is untold hardship.


Happenings Magazine: Apart from this business, what other business do you do?

Mohammed: Apart from this I am a security officer. I am the one in charge of securing this place. So I collect salary from the owner of this place. (General laughter)

Happenings Magazine: How often do you visit your family?

Mohammed: I go to visit them very often, like every three months. Whenever I see money, I send money to them. I love my family a lot.


Happenings Magazine: Do you believe in educating the girl child?

Mohammed: Yes I do. Education is the most important thing in life now. I am a secondary school holder but you can see that I speak very well and I am dressed well. This is because I travel a lot. I move with young educated people, I copy them and I try to be like them. All my female children are in school.

Happenings Magazine: Thank you for your time

Mohammed: You are welcome.

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