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I Do Again! Woman Whose Memory Was Erased After Car Accident Will ‘Remarry’ Her Husband After Falling In Love With Him For The Second Time


An Oklahoma woman whose memory was wiped out from an accident that left her in a coma is set to renew her vows with her husband next month.

Angela Sartin-Hartung, 55, was tragically hit by a police car while crossing the road at the intersection of York Avenue and 72nd Street back in October 2013.

When Sartin-Hartung, who is currently married to Jeff Hartung, woke up from a coma, she had no recollection of her husband or the past decade they spent together.

The woman believed she was still married to her first husband, who is now deceased, Sartin-Hartung told the New York Daily News in an interview.

Since the tragedy, the couple have been working to rebuild their relationship, and Sartin-Hartung said she has fallen in love with her spouse all over again.

The pair’s 2000 wedding had also been sadly erased from Sartin-Hartung’s memory, and at the time, she believed their teenage daughter was still a toddler.

The couple is planning to renew their vows in Central Park on June 19.

‘Every single day is about making new memories now. I’m very fortunate because I get to do that again. My life wasn’t taken,’ she told the Daily News.

‘I’m getting excited. My memory is still completely gone, and it takes me a lot to remember to get excited about things,’ she added.


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