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Why I have Been Silent on Social Media -Maheeda


Isaac Oguntoye

For sometime now, little or nothing has been heard about Caroline Sam, better known by her stage name Maheeda on social media. This has left many of her fans wondering what could have kept her away, from her favorite past time, which is posting her nude photos on social media.

Surprisingly, the Nigerian singer, nude model and former prostitute re-appeared on Instagram a few days ago to give a reason for her social media absence. The nudist who in the past had invited the undefeated boxing champion, Floyd Mayweather to have sex with her, in a social media post said she is trying to build a future and also maintain a good life saying “Yea I know, I hardly post these days, trying to build a future and maintain a good life out of social media too… balance was needed”

Although no one takes the controversial personality serious, as she is fond of contradicting herself, it could be recalled that she made an open confession that she has repented and found Christ, but have never stopped posting her raunchy photos on twitter and Instagram.

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