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I want him, I want him not… Make up your mind already!


By Syn Osuchukwu

Jennifer Garner and her hubby, Ben Affleck called it quits last year after 10 years and a day of marriage. There were speculations that Ben had an affair with his nanny, though Ben and the nanny made no statements after incriminating pictures of the two of them surfaced online.


US weekly reported that they have decided to put their divorce on hold!

Can these two just make up their minds? What is with the case of I want him, I want him not?


Jennifer and Ben aside, this is my problem with ladies.

You claim you catch your man cheating and you throw his a*s to the curb. He crawls back and there is no clear sign that he is remorseful or he is just going to pick off where he left.

Sister, let him pick a hustle.

If you are forgiving him for wandering, he needs to earn that forgiveness; But if he is coming back to you and has every intention of going back to his old ways…you are on your own!

No middle grounds! Want him or want him not! Shikena!

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