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As a kid, a lot of things re…ally got me confused! You know how it is right? Oh alright, I guess I’ve just gotta say it like it is – Truth be told, even as kids some facts were just absolutely plain glaring; for example, it didn’t take a genius to figure out that as time went on some sorta social segregation just automatically took place. Yep! That’s just how it was – Different crews, different folks, so subconsciously we blended accordingly.

Top on the list was every youngster’s fantasy – ‘The Fabulous crew!’ They were undoubtedly the enviable-self assured lot. The ones who just obviously got it going on! You know, they knew who they were what they wanted and nothing could sure as hell hold them back.

And then ofcourse, there was the (in order to show a ‘little kindness’ I simply use the term) –‘Plain crew’ (Yes yes tagging us the “un-fabulous crew” would be a little too harsh, plus, yours truly absolutely refuses to be tagged with such a degrading and humiliating title!!! Thank you very much!).

Hmm… the plain crew, forever dangling ungrudgingly on the all- knowing tide of fate, contented with wherever she flung us on the face of the earth. “Oh well, as long as we at least existed…” Sadly, the resignation to an unacceptable helpless nightmare!

Yeah, like I was saying unlike my gloriously celebrated contemporaries who had everything all ‘figured out’, a lot of things got pretty mixed up in my head; I didn’t know if my wish to become the stunning gorgeous- breathtaking chic, with legs for days and jaws dropping at her every step (courtesy hunks!!!) would come to pass… If I’d be rich and famous or even what I really wanted to be!

Oh, but there was one thing I sure knew! (Inhales…wait for it…) – “The kind of man I was gonna marry!!! (And that’s it! Exhale!!! Laughs…). Even as an average girl lacking seriously in the academic department, boy I bet I could produce an excellent piece on that particular matter, grabbing an A-plus grade topped with a standing ovation! No exaggeration intended guys, but trust me when I say- I had it all mapped out…

He was going to be; tall, dark and handsome with a pair of gorgeous legs to die for ofcourse (as I was obviously leaning towards being short, fair skinned and not so visually impressive) Extroverted; The kind of guy who just effortlessly is the ‘life of the party’ (sanguine no doubt as I seemed to be an extreme introvert and absolutely hated the fact that I just couldn’t let my guard down with people. Genius; with a mathematical brain like that of a calculator! (Afterall lord knows I was more language inclined, therefore figures and I were on two unmergable part of the planet!)…

Stop! Before you crucify me and my unrealistically selfish desire to ‘own a man close to perfection,’ you gotta admit there was some good meant in there somewhere, honestly! Doubt me? Alright, remember biology class and lectures on –‘Genes and heredity?’ well, all those things just gotta be put into consideration (and application ofcourse!) Don’t they? So yeah, this was my noble contribution! A noble deed to protect my unborn generation! My small token! – Simple me playing my part (covers face…).

Seriously though, I got two questions- Really, won’t I be blamed if I were ugly and married and equally ugly dude all in the name of love and my children were a sight???… Would my kids ever understand and eventually forgive me, if I married a guy who was absolutely as clueless as I am about figures and then consequently, this inalienable mathematics disorder doubly showcased itself in them, courtesy – Dominant Genes???’

Now you see, a part of the plan to save my kids from unnecessary headaches (Mathphobia; fear of math…Arithmophobia: fear of numbers… and all the other accompanying complications!) Oh, but trust me to see all that coming, yeah, I had it all… figured out! The big picture, clear as day was going to be fabulous with my “unfailing strategy” – Beautiful kids, perfect brains and Happy Happy smiles!!! – The perfect picture indeed!

In essence, I had a lot of inadequacies I was battling with, small wonder I desired my exact opposite; he was going to be everything that I was not to make up for my weaknesses and boy, did he have a lot of complementing to do!

And that ladies and gentlemen is just how it is –Opposite attracts! Sounds familiar huh? Question is, what’s it about oppositeness that attracts us? We often see it, different temperaments holding an electrifying attraction towards each other. The sanguine getting attracted to the melancholies, totally fascinated by how amazingly different they both are, yet are irresistibly drawn to each other.

Basically same story, different scenarios, happens all the time! Extroverts winding up with introverts. Funny I think it has a lot to do with admiring and secretly desiring qualities we kinda lack but see in other temperaments. Let’s do a little intrusion on the introverts’ likely fantasy; He wishes he could break free from his uncontrollable rigidity, the constant need for perfection and just have a little spontaneity! …God! He wishes he could just walk into a social gathering, charming the ever attentive audience with his wit, reflexively grabbing attention just as smooth as the extrovert (big dream!!!), but in reality however, he’ll most likely be too… shy to venture on such a wild “adventure!” Unnerved by the overwhelming reception and curious gazes (unhidden scrutiny as he might translate) of his eager audience!

Likewise, the extrovert marvels at the introvert’s level of composure… he wonders how on earth the introvert manages to sit still all by himself, comfortable in his own world, without feeling the understandable pressure to boost his arching ego by being the centre of attraction.

Now that’s the magnet that slams us together. Here’s how it works; we see qualities we lack but admire and probably desire in the opposite sex, hit it off at first chat, in turn like comes into the equation and overtime we fall madly in sweet love!!! Why? cos the extrovert no doubt, needs a bit of “calmness” in his life, a little coordination – an analytic pair to balance his “overly bubbling world!”

While the introvert in contrast, undoubtedly needs a little ruffling of her peaceful existence – A little drama, trading the boring stiffness for warmth and laughter. Simply put, a little coaching on how to live and enjoy life without plainly existing!

Hmm…simply amazing! How incredible it is to know that we’ve been uniquely designed to wonderfully complement each other. Justifiably to bring a perfect balance into someone else’ world!

Humorously surprising isn’t it that our so called “inadequacies” as we tend to think of them might just ironically turn out to be a breath of fresh air, breaking the monotony in someone’s life! Yep, that I call “spicing up.”

You know, just like the rainbow captivates the audience with her vibrantly splendid colours, magically intermingled, similarly our differences also creates a sense of mystery… a spell bound fascination, as we are drawn irrevocably together, marveling in pure delight! Oh yeah! IMPERFECTLY PERFECT! That’s what we all… are!!!

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