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In a ‘New Age’, women are more than body parts


There’s wry humour and entitlement to female sexual objectification- from crass black comedy, to perfume Ads, to commercials on the latest automobile in town, to frivolous domestic needs like toothpaste and air freshener.

We place great emphasis on parts of the female form, equating the woman to an object to be evaluated on the basis of appearance.

The most shocking event of this collective thought is how easily these matters of female sexual denting slip through even the so-called discerning.

We sit through pale jokes of rape; we bop heads to misogynistic songs, we reward gender discriminatory materials in advertising with patronage, we finance and endorse sexism in the media. The subject of female sexual objectification is a blind spot of convenience in our sociocultural makeup.

In effect, women assume this position of sexual objects to the detriment of every quality of great significance. In a sexual objectifying society, usually backed and sponsored by Patriarchy, women focus on their appearance to the detriment of other more substantial attributes of competence, education and skill.

A society apathetic to female sexual pageantry promotes illnesses as devastating as anorexia and obesity.

newage chargere
a woman’s butt as one of life’s “interesting moments” is an offensive notion


Society gives the man privileges above the woman and her own body- rights that suggest he is in a positon to determine how a woman should feel about herself; if men are made to regard the woman mainly by her physical appearance, and she is constantly assessed by the size of her body parts- focusing on her buttocks, the size of her breasts, the thin of her lips, the round of her hips and thighs- we will continue to endorse inequality; breeding  emotionally wounded females, victims and sufferers.

Society contradicts itself always on what a woman should be- is she a piece of toy or a fully functional human being?

From one side of the hip, we shoot opinions on girl child education and noble ambitions, and from the other side society, backed by the primary needs of the male gender, promotes some form of slag, sexual wantonness as a proof of a woman’s femininity- which also begins a different conversation: Who is the ‘real African’ woman?

It is at this juncture that women face subjugation. And the cycle continues, as it is never enough to be female, you have to be a certain kind of female- a definition that must align with the desires of the male gender, the eccentricities of gratuitous culture.

This attempt to define who a woman should be is manipulative; hogwash, yes.

It is small wonder that very little thought is put into Ad copy and execution. As it relates to patriarchy, there’s a tricky spot where we have to battle with other women who believe certain parts of their body should be made plump or thick for the pleasure of men.

Just because some women endorse misogyny and objectification doesn’t make it right.

If the client, NewAge Chargers, got the consent of this woman to exhibit her buttocks as a marketing tool for heating up beer parlour exchanges, it still doesn’t make it right. If it is agreed that “sex sells”, it still wouldn’t make it right.

And though we recognize she is an adult thus entitled to her choices, it is still a concept that should be denounced. There’s no kind of explanation that can justify this Ad.

A prominent figure like JayJay Okocha, and his flippant contribution to this appalling Ad concept, takes us two decades back.

This is 2015, women should be allowed to evolve like every living being. The stereotypes should be left under the sun to scorch to death.

Women are more than body parts.

Men should not be indicators of what a “real woman” should be.

A billboard planted in the heart of a city as forward-thinking as Abuja, not tucked in a magazine, is to illustrate just how far we are from where we need to be and how much rebellion society enjoys accepting women as equal beings.

The right thing to do is to take this appalling material down.

It is time media and advertisers begin to take responsibility for their role in perpetuating a female sexually obsessed society.

If you wish to react to this unpleasant Ad, you can reach  NewAge Chargers on Twitter: @newagechargers

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