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Indiscipline In Front of the Disciplinarian


Lagos, West Africa’s commercial capital and Nigeria’s most populous city is a typical metropolis. The city is a pot pouri of different races, ethnicity and characters. All shades of people are duly represented in the city of excellence including the crazy.

Lagos state laws say that pedestrians must use the pedestrian bridge as seen in the picture above and KAI (Kick Against Indiscipline) is the body charged with arresting offenders, hence the van parked under the bridge.

The man pictured is one of the numerous touts that operate in Lagos bus stops and bus parks and there he is scaling the road barricade right beside the KAI van and we wonder why? Is he running away from something or is he in a hurry to catch up with one of his clients; bus drivers.

Surely, this man is contravening one or more of the Indiscipline code but we don’t know which. While we leave that to the disciplinary body to settle, we warn you that that stunt you see is a dangerous one, don’t try it anywhere.

Photo Credit: Ovadje Elliot


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