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“I’d Rather Be Closer To Man City In The League Than Win A Cup” – John Barnes

John Barnes wants Liverpool to close gap on city

Liverpool legend John Barnes believes Liverpool finishing very close to City is more important than winning the FA Cup or Carabao Cup.

Speaking to Express Sport, the Reds legend said : “People talk about winning trophies but they’re wrong. We could win the FA Cup by beating Swindon and Tranmere.

“You can win a trophy by not playing top teams. You can’t just win a trophy because you don’t know who you’re going to play.

“What you know in the league is who you’re going to play week-in, week-out.

“You should be able to suggest that we will be closer to the top.

“I know people talk about winning trophies as success, but I’d rather be 10 points closer to Man City and not win a trophy than win the League Cup or the Europa League and be 25 points behind City.

“Getting close to the top of the league shows how good you really are.”

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