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John Legend’s Wife Chrissy Teigen Shade Celebrity Mothers and their Unrealistic Snapbacks After Pregnancy and Childbirth


The social media space, unwittingly puts many under undue pressure. The need to attribute upon oneself, super human qualities and strength. The need to come off as ‘tiny’ demi-gods. 

The pressure to show how effortless it was to buy a new car, mansion, sign a multi-million dollar deal. This same mindset pervades childbearing as well.

As women fall over themselves proving to their social media followers how easy it is to have babies; to snapback after childbirth  without effort. This is the world social media portrays. The world of the unrealistic and fantastic.

Days ago, American singer, John Legend and his wife Chrissy Teigen welcomed their new bundle of joy, a baby boy named Miles Theodore. In the felicitations from fans at the new addition to their family, Chrissy Teigen did what most mothers would never have the courage to do.

She posted a rather candid photo of herself carrying her new born and still wearing the afterbirth granny panties, needed to aid healing. Her face was devoid of make up and her hair was a mess. However Chrissy Teigen proudly posted that look on her social media page.

That is a look most celebrity mothers would never show the public, because it makes them look almost too human; too ordinary.

Social media is flooded with photos and videos of mothers who after giving birth in 24hrs, are already at the gym carrying dumb bells, make up on fleek, no hair out of place and their protruding bellies miraculously non-existent.

While it is their aim to make the miracle of childbirth seem so effortless, they shield the everyday woman from the reality of motherhood’s struggles. Nobody talks about the pain and the bleeding, the exhaustion and the dull skin. Nobody even talks about the challenges of having to care for a crying new born whose sleep pattern is different from yours. (Cry all night, sleep all day)

Chrissy Teigen by virtue of posting the wordless candid photo of herself, is subtly shading celebrity mothers who portray unrealistic healing and snapbacks after pregnancy and birth.

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