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Joro’s Nuggets: How to Stay Above the Social Media Madness


It isn’t every day you stumble upon the owner of one of your favorite Instagram pages, Joro Olumofin. His page has always been my guilty pleasure. The assorted characteristics of his followers in the comments, the mind boggling true life stories, lets not forget the fact it is always a blend of both serious issues and comedy on Joro’s page. The beauty of this page, is that it is all embracing and without judgement, no story is censored from being shared: from diabolic house wives, to cheating husbands, lustful in- laws,to heartbroken young women,  philandering young men, to generous sugar daddies we have come to fondly call ‘Lexy boy’-  all have a place on Joro’s blog.

While his followers are savages with their comments, in all that acidic judgments are several nuggets of wisdom, a very perceptive person can glean. Indeed it is a carnivalesque on Joro’s page; beyond all that chaos, if you are as curious as I am,  you must wonder how Joro who is always in the middle of it all, have been able to rise above the social media circus, to be detached and run a very successful Instagram page.

To satisfy that curiousity, Happenings had a short interview with Joro Olumofin, to understand how he is able detach himself, from all that social media madness.


How has the Journey being so far?

I must say, it hasn’t been easy, it has been quite difficult actually, to get people to confide in you and share their problems. That people trust me to share their problem with me, humbles me. It is crazy, I get as much as a 100 emails everyday.

Don’t you get overwhelmed by the needs of all these people that reach out to you?

It does get overwhelming, that’s why I take a day or two off, to clear my head and then I get back into the game, even then, these problems keep piling up. I find what I do, quite interesting but it also saddens me, I listen to people share some stories and the thought that crosses my mind is “have I really helped them? Have I done enough to help the situation?”. These thoughts burden me.

How have you been able to detach yourself from getting sucked into people’s problems?

I can detach myself, I have to, because I will be unable to approach a problem objectively, if I am emotional invested. I have also gotten feedbacks about a problem months or even years down the line, this also keeps me detached. Besides I studied psychology in school and this has trained and prepared me to be detached, so I can objectively access a problem.

What is your opinion on the effect of social media on a person’s Self Esteem?

These days, people take social media too seriously, the likes and the comments, most times determine people’s happiness. For example an individual who posts a picture on his or her social media and gets ample responses, is likely to feel happy and validated. Most people take it a step further, when they have a mindset that they can’t socialize with certain people, if they do not have an X number of followers. For some guys, they believe that if they don’t have followers, they won’t be able to talk to certain ladies. On the other side of the divide are some ladies who have the mindset that if they don’t have followers, men would not approach or talk to them, Social media is indeed a big part of our life right now.

So what would you advice a person who wants to stay above the noise of social media?

In my opinion, a person who wants to rise above the noise and pressure of social media, has to keep his or her life out of the prying eyes of social media. In relationship for example, I believe if you are dating a person, it is in your best interest if you don’t put your partner out there and you must avoid the social media hype of couple’s goals, where you have to pose and fake it for the camera, even when there are issues in your relationship. There is a pressure for couples who live their lives on social media, to portray a happiness that may not be present in their relationships. They become concerned with posing for the camera while faking a smile and happiness, that they don’t feel, all to impress people who don’t matter in the relationship, these kinds of couple negate issues in the relationship that should be tackled and replace them with social media shallowness and fakeness. They are constantly under pressure from their social media followers to show what doesn’t exist in their real lives, so they have to fake it. Many people go to extreme lengths to put up a fake persona or a façade, to please their social media crowd. Basically social media encourages people to live fake lives.

How have you been able to keep yourself out of that ‘fakeness’ ?

Well I try to stay above the fakeness, by keeping certain parts of my life private, thus I am not under pressure, to live a life that isn’t real for the gram.

How did this journey start, what was the motivation behind your page on Instagram?

This comes from a desire to help people and listen to people talk to me about their problems, I have always wanted to do this, while I was still in the university, studying psychology, I have always wanted to help people. It all began when I first got an email one day and it was through Linda Ikeji’s blog actually. Then on, people started sending me mails, till the Instagram page grew and turned into what it is today.


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