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June 12, the emergence of Democracy



A symbol of democratic consciousness or democracy two-facedness

Hmmmm! JUNE 12 as it is profoundly called reminds many Nigerians of the famed 1993 election that was arrowed at dethroning the military leadership for a democratic political system. The popularity of the election does not solely rest on the shoulder of the widely acclaimed winner of the presidential election, late chief MKO Abiola, a multi-millionaire business Icon of his age.

It remains fresh in the memory of many Nigerians, obviously for two reasons;

Up until the last election (2015 general election), the 1993 election relics the freest and fairest election in the Nation’s political history which ensures that of all the elections held in the country prior and after the 1993 elections.

The 1993 presidential election was arguably unique in the sense that electorate consciousness was at its peak, ensuring that voters activities were devoid of ethnic coloration, religious acrimony, and boundary topsy-turvy.

The second most devastatingly reason was because it was single-handedly for no reason annulled by the then self anointed military Head of State, General Ibrahim Badamosi Babangida who up till today still walks freely as if he had not committed any crime against the past, present and future of the country.

We continue to remember this day with pain and sober reflection, with the mindset of doing our very best for the nation even with the second to nothing opportunity we have at the moment.

We pray that the spirits of our fallen heroes and heroines wouldn’t go in vain as the Nigeria they worked and died for will come to reality!

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