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June Twelve ’93: The 90’s-Themed Movie Premiere that Fell Short


It is a sunny Sunday, and I am eternally grateful it isn’t raining, with muddy puddles as was the case, the weekend prior, it isn’t that I find the rain inconveniencing, but I am concerned about my floor sweeping outfit, getting in the mud. I am invited to a 90s themed movie premiere and true to the dress code, I am dressed in that manner. If you are familiar with 90s dressing, you will understand the fashion inclination of the 90s, which was donning pants with floor sweeping lengths.

Alas! it would seem, I am the only guest dressed in the 90s western style for the ‘June 12′  movie premiere, a handful of guests were dressed in the 90s Nigerian style, long full ankara skirt with fish tail designs and afro wigs.

The movie title had me curious and optimistic, my childhood is regaled with tales of the phenomenal events of June 12 and the machismo of the late MKO Abiola. It is my hope the movie, will enlighten me, by separating facts from fiction.

At the event, there isn’t so many stars, considering the organizers began late, to accommodate the stars and their penchant for lateness. It is without the fanfare of a movie premiere and I wonder if it is the organizer’s intention to make it as quaint as possible or bad PR maybe?

A little disorganized and I notice, there is a hoarding of refreshments, some guests get none, I didn’t either, save the improperly cooked pack of small chops, carelessly shoved my way. The rice and the good stuff, were left in a big bag, hence if you aren’t facially recognized by an organizer, you don’t get fed.

What an interesting movie premiere, hopefully the sore mood at the green carpet will not ruin its audiences’ perception and reception of the movie.


Photo Credit: Eliot Ovadje

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