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Kick Off The New Year With A Bang!


Goodbye 2016, hello fabulous 2017! Yes there’s been sad moments and not so fab moments but hey, in all we’ve also had crazy awesome fun moments no doubt! And as the excitement builds with eager hearts looking forward to the dawn of a new era, we can’t help but hope for a better, happier and more fulfilling 2017! Amen Indeed!!! Okay so surely the decorations will come down, fun-filled vacations will take a halt, but this shouldn’t put a dampener on your spirits. As you usher in 2017, know you’re the protagonist of your world – Make it happen! How to start off your year in the right direction? 4 Steps;


1. Create a vision board


Thank God for that break! Now that you’ve let out some steam, you can now take on the new year energized, start over. First things first; reflect on the past – mistakes, achievements, then lay out one or two major things you’ll love to accomplish come 2017. This gives a tangible vision of where you’re headed. You need to set weekly and monthly, action steps which would help guide you on your achievement/success journey.

2. Organise thyself!


Lay out all your essentials; whatever you need to make your journey to the promise land much more easier, equip thyself with; a new laptop, complimentary cards…whatever, stop postponing and just get it. This helps boost productivity and reduce stress. Set goals – learn to prioritize. Are you a CEO? Don’t take it on all by yourself, delegate, hire real talents or outsource, this would help you concentrate more on your business, getting more work done with less energy and time.

3. Get moving

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Don’t just lock yourself up thinking everything would fall into place simply by you wishing, get up and move. Eat well, exercise, make appointments, attend useful seminars which would broaden your knowledge and socialise. Never underestimate the power of a network. When it comes to business, you need people, this help build your clientele and open you to more opportunities. Schedule face-to-face meetings. This helps business relationship blossom.

4. Forgive and reward thyself


It’s pretty normal to envisage things working out once we’ve put action into gear, however, sometimes things just don’t work out as planned. When those times come, ensure you’re not too hard on yourself, don’t beat yourself up, forgive you and move on from setbacks. On the flip side never ever forget to reward you for a job well done each time you achieve set goals. This would help keep you motivated.

Cheers to a fabulous 2017!!

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