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Kiki Okewale Becomes a Fashion Superstar


Adebare Akinwale

Queens and princesses, high-powered female celebrities, top women senators and politicians, stylish Nollywood icons, discerning female captains of industries, you name them, everyone is in awe of Kiki Okewale.

Not in a bad way though, they have only become enchanted by the awesomeness of Kiki’s unique designs and styling excellence.The soft-spoken beautiful woman, who is married to popular Lagos city doctor, Babatunde Okewale is fast getting all the accolades and hugging all the attention from the rich and famous with her array of stylish fashion designs with which they are now taking their fashion games to the next level.

These fashion trendsetters and jetsetters have therefore turned her Kiki’s HOPE Plaza, Opebi, Ikeja office to a Mecca of sorts, especially few days before any high-octane event. To underline her importance to the style outlook of the high and mighty, Kiki is on a retainer with top powerful women in the nation.

And this is not difficult to understand with the top fashionista who has no place or use for common place or mediocre fabrics in her design business. She is all about class and quality; hence she is a regular visitor to the top fashion capitals of the world where she purchases the most exotic materials, jewelries and fashion accessories, which are then patented, styled and embellished by her tailoring company, Kiki Okewale.

Kiki Okewale’s distinctive collections have carved for her, an enviable niche in the hub of high fashion. Her bespoke designs betray her immeasurable depth of creativity, value for details and affinity for the precise. And her unique selling point is her unparalleled mastery of combining colors and sparkles in a most remarkably amazing way that makes her clients glitter like a million diamond.

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