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King of Nite Club, Frank Okamigbo Shuts Down Club Papas


Adebare Akinwale

After five years of successes beyond his imagination, Franklin Emenike Okamigbo – and his club, Papas Night Club -has called it quits with the management of ‘The Place’, Lekki.

Frank Papas operated his movable concept of a nightclub at ‘The Place’ for the past five years. The last four and half years of the period, witnessed a never before seen Monday to Saturday club nights.

These successes recorded – extraordinary turnout, human relations, and the likes – were such that Frank Papas was crowned King of ‘The Night Club’. He succeeded Akeem Shodehinde the man who changed the face of the nightclub business and brought so much flamboyance and colors that many fell over themselves to replicate his “achievements”.

Incidentally, Frank Papas partnered with the late Akeem in his early spell on the big stage, in the famous days of ‘Extreme Night Club’.

They parted ways as business associates – but remained friends and brothers – when Akeem left the K’s Place venue of Extreme to partner other club owners in floating short-lived fun place ‘Reloaded’. The development officially birthed Papas Night Club – solely owned by Okamighbo – at K’s place.

Since then, Frank has remained loyal to the trade amassing extraordinary goodwill and clout as he leapt up the rung. A master of etiquette who brought huge respectability to his trade, Okamigbo established his dominance in the nightclub business with his exploit at ‘The Place’.

The impact of the man widely recognized as the “Gentleman Club Owner” was so felt at the place, that it was all tears of how much he would be missed by staffers and friends when he announced his plan to move on from The Place.

Further checks confirmed that Okamigbo decided to bow out of ‘The Place’ while the ovation is still loud. An official reason is “he needed to take a break and check out some things pertaining to self” but the reasons are yet to be confirmed.

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