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Ladies! 5 Reasons Why Your Amazing Beau Might Not Be A Great Husband!


Isn’t it funny how sometimes you fall head over heels in love and it’s all fun and beautiful at the moment, but somehow when you take a glimpse into the future, it just doesn’t quite fit perfectly. That’s just how it is, at first they appear seemingly perfect, you love them no doubt, but later on when you think of spending the rest of your life with them, they just seem off. Hard truth is, some folks are just great for the moment, they’re great partners but not great spouses; some folks are meant to escort you on your journey towards finding true happiness and with time you outgrow them, because they’re aren’t able to fulfill your needs anymore. Reality check, your boyfriend you currently think is great, might actually suck as a husband and that’s the honest to God truth, 5 reasons you should totally note;

1. Your goals are completely different



When you’re young and carefree, you could less be bothered about “exaggerated” matters such as the future and all that boring stuff. It’s more about the chemistry both physically and emotionally, but as you mature the story changes. You begin to have envision how you want your future to be; being with a responsible and driven man who pushes and inspires you to become better, so getting tied down for life with someone who makes everything; goals, dreams, aspirations and all appear rather bleak and unattainable would be pulling you into a pit you’ll be screaming to get out of. Other times however it’s the exact opposite, you land the overly ambitious dude whose every moment is structured around the clock, this might pose a problem to some ladies, because he won’t have time. In essence, being too different when it comes to interests and goals might be a quite difficult to manage.

2. He smothers you


It’s really great to find a die hard romantic who melts your heart with the most beautiful surprises and tons of compliments, after all, lord knows it does wonders for girl’s self esteem, but it becomes a different song when this gets overboard – quite frustrating to deal with. Everyone needs space and this should be respected, spouses inclusive. No doubt, everyone likes to feel loved and wanted, but when you begin to feel like a man’s possession, that’s definitely one hell of a tough baggage to carry for life. No one wants that, not even the most romantic at heart

3. He’s a mama’s boy


Every single minute he’s with his mum, they’re talking over the phone, chatting away, pretty much doing everything together. The mama’s boy needs his mum and can’t do a thing without her. Making real life decisions would prove too difficult for him to handle but hey, his mum always comes to the rescue. She has the ultimate say and he will always prioritize what she wants over what he wants or what you want, because she’s “pretty good at making decisions”. Hate to spill it, but marry him and you’ve got some big shoes to fill, do you want to live with that?

5. You’re pretty much a joke to him


He doesn’t take you seriously, your needs don’t take priority. He’s got his own life to live and can’t be bothered about trying to make you happy. Anniversaries, birthdays, romantic getaways, none of that matter in his world. He bails out on plans on the filmiest excuses and doesn’t even bother trying to butter it up because he hardly gives a hoot about you. These shortcomings might be overlooked when you guys are just dating, but when it comes to your happiness and the future, these offences hold more weight, definitely not something to be toyed with.

He’s a commitment-phobe


Being with someone who is obviously scared of commitment drains you, you feel like you’re the only one rooting for the relationship and investing your all, while your partner simply tags along. They on the other hand feel like you’re dragging them into something they aren’t totally ready for, they want their total independence, sometimes they might tend to feel obligated to the knot so they don’t land the tag “bad guy”, but giving you their all even when its eventually sealed, is something that isn’t going to happen for a long long time. He’s just not fully ready to take you in and that will affect your the quality of your relationship.

Ready to take the plunge, you might want to take a real good look before you delve in head and all.


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