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Ladies! Got a boring boyfriend? 6 ways to throw some fun in


As our faces are different, so are our personalities and perceptions. Laid back, exciting, boring, crazy. So you happen to have a boyfriend you think is boring? Here are 6 ways to go from boring to fun.

What really attracted you to him?

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Does it really matter if he isn’t the life of the party? Focus on those things that attracted you to him, and see if it’s enough.

Have ‘the talk’


Conversations are the life of any relationship. Talk about it. This way you’d know if his being boring is circumstantial or otherwise, and if adjustments could be made.

Hangout more

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You might not be spending a lot of quality time together, and this makes you think he’s boring. Spend some more time doing what you both love, you’ll see he’s not that boring.

He’s not comedy central


Your boyfriend isn’t a walking circus, even those don’t give a great show always. Maybe he’s just laid back with a relaxed personality and a different definition of fun.

Don’t hangout


Of course hangout, but get a life outside of your relationship – friends, a career, hobby. Don’t spend all of your free time with him. You might begin to experience that awkward silence and then think he’s boring because you’ve done everything.

Is he really for you? No harm in letting go if it isn’t working for you.

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