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Lady is Publicly Disowned and Disinherited for Falling in Love with a Woman


A viral photo of an advert in the dailies has Nigerians wondering if maybe members of the Shoremi family have gone too far, in casting out their own. In an advert in a Nigerian Newspaper (name withheld), a family in Ogun State, the Shoremi family, have publicly disgraced and disowned their daughter Shalom T. Shoremi, for falling in love with another woman and trying to consummate the same sex love affair, while attempting to get a special marriage Licence from the Registry.

While the advert is quite shocking, many Nigerians doubt  that she is truly guilty of what she is accused of, considering Nigeria is a very homophobic country, thus it would be virtually impossible for her to request a same sex marriage license from the Federal Marriage Registry. Daring to do that would earn her a jail term, thus many think her family’s accusations are unfounded  and there may be  is an underlying family matter and this is an attempt to persecute, Shalom Shoremi.

The advert reads:

The attention of Shoremi Family of Ogun State has been drawn to an application for a Special Marriage Licence sought by Shalom T. Shoremi.

She has requested for a special marriage license at the Federal Marriage Registry on the 22nd of March 2018 to allow her consummate a same sex marriage which was rejected as  it is in variance with the Marriage Act of the Federal Republic of Nigeria.

The family is disassociating itself from this move and has severed ties with her. We also disown her on the grounds that what she planned to do is against the law in Nigeria. She will also not be entitled to anything from the family inheritance.

The public should please take note.

Signed Shoremi Family



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