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Lagos Danfo Drivers: The Neglect, the Nonchalance, and the Accidents


Danfos, those commercial yellow buses with thin black stripes, uncomfortable seats, and shaky, unsteady auto parts, are the trademark of Lagos. Uncouth, careless drivers, who give no thought to the maintenance of their vehicles, are often the ones behind the wheels. They cannot be bothered about such details as changing the engine oil or tires and filling their tank with the right amount of fuel. Car servicing is definitely an unknown term to them. They, in fact, do not seem to mind if their vehicles break down on major roads, even if it means that their passengers are stranded.

Could it be that these drivers are more concerned about making money than they are about the safety of their passengers or of themselves? Is it their love for money, illiteracy, recklessness, or just plain nonchalance that feeds their poor maintenance culture? Whatever the reason, the fact remains that the poor maintenance culture of these drivers and the bad condition of their buses add to the high rate of accidents that occur on Lagos roads daily. These accident photos, which were taken on the Old Ota Road, Alagbado area of Lagos State yesterday, reveal that much.

According to an eyewitness, the driver lost control of the steering wheel after one of the danfo’s tires burst right in the middle of the road. He collided headlong with an oncoming tricycle and left a passenger badly hurt. The passenger, who was said to have sustained some injuries including profuse nose bleeding, was thereafter rushed to a nearby hospital. Perhaps if these danfo buses were in a much better shape and their drivers paid a little more attention to maintenance, the accidents on Lagos roads would reduce to the barest minimum.

Photo Credit: Temitope Aina

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