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Lagos Society Lady, Nkiru Anumudu On The Road To 51

Nkiru Anumudu

The name Nkiru Anumudu may not be one that is readily placed by all and sundry in the society but those who have interest in what happens on the social circle will certainly have no problems putting a face to the name as well as her place in the social radar.

Anumudu in some weeks time will hit 51, and expectedly, she would not allow such an important milestone to go unnoticed without any fanfare. Her 50th birthday held last year is still a reference point as she was hosted to a series of parties by her close friends.

At one of such parties, she enjoyed the company of Pat Faniran, Ruth Osime, Grace Osime, Debbie Oghene, Vivian John-Shittu, Betty Irabor, Mo Abudu and Ego Boyo, to name but a few.Truly, Nikiru’s place as a society face cannot be underestimated and has such is a factor in her own right as far as the social scene is concerned.

She has been described in several quarters as one of the most expensively dressed women in Nigeria.

Anumudu has a thing for high-end designer wear and accessories. Attending events dressed to the nines, she is often in company with her husband and auto merchant, Willie Anumudu of the Globe Motors fame, and her daughter, Zina, who is a stylist and blogger.

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