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LASMOCK: Meet the best 13 students in Lagos State


Lagos State Model College Kankon on Saturday, 11 July, held its 2015 valedictory service for its outgoing students. The ceremony was well attended by parents and well wishers. 13 students from the college were named best in Lagos state for their outstanding academic performances, and we took out time to ask these special 13 a few questions. We asked the graduating students the following questions:

1. What are your expectations from life? and 2. If you have the opportunity to do something for your school, what will that be? Here are their answers:


Adegbegba Adetutu (Outgoing Headgirl)

1. I hope to be at the top and I want to be recognised as an ex student of this college. I will do my best to make people know what this school has contributed to me and also make the school proud.

2. I will give the school a new school bus.


Nwagwu Kelechi Victoria

1. I expect so many challenges because I know life outside secondary school is not going to be easy, but I believe that with God I will overcome them..

2. I will make so many changes in the hostel and laboratories.


Aishat Akintola

1. I expect that the standard of education will improve. And my educational prowess will increase.

2. I will make sure there are many changes in the clinic and ensure that the medical facilities are of good standard.


Raji Yetunde (Outgoing Library Prefect)

1. I expect many things like getting admission immediately after school and becoming a human rights lawyer.

2. I would want to renovate the library.


Shoungbe Jumoke

1. I expect to be a great person

2. I will renovate the classes and make them more conducive for learning.


Adepoju Emmanuel (Outgoing Headboy)

1. As for my ambitions and expectations, I intend to be one of the top five doctors in the world and also own my own hospital where different surgeries are done. I also expect Nigeria to rank at least top ten in the world’s safest countries.

2. I would want to renovate the dinning hall and parts of the hostels.


Oluchi Ijere

1. I’m expecting the road to be rough but I believe God will help me overcome everything I will face outside these walls.

2. I will make sure there is internet service so the students are able to study better.


Offor Vivian

1. I expect my parents to continue to assist me in furthering my education. I would want to be the most important chartered accountant in my country.

2. I would want to provide a mini library for the school.

Among the best students are also SSS 2 students still in the college, all of them are intending to hold various leadership capacities. We asked them what they intend to achieve while in office.


Asipata Hannah (Acting Block Prefect)

Answer: During my tenure I intend to make the classrooms neater and also urge students to read more and manage their time wisely because time is a very precious currency.


Oluwafemi Oyepeju (Acting Headboy)

Answer: I plan to uphold the good standard left by the outgoing seniors and also keep the standard of the school.


Ayobami Oloyade (Acting Deputy Headgirl)

Answer: I intend to assist the headgirl and uphold the standard of this great school. I notice some students don’t like observing their prep time, so I intend to make them use prep time productively.


Pemedi Ololade (Acting Headgirl)

Answer: When I joined the school I met it in good standards in terms of teaching. The teachers are sound and teach well. My main intention for the school is to build other students that are not academically sound. We can encourage them to be better people.

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