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Are You Having Trouble Washing Your Human Hair? The Solution Is Here


Ilori Titilayo

Human hair can be such a delight to wear, It has a way of giving ladies an elegant look

Human hair comes in different textures, designs, colours, length, and styles.

And almost every woman, no matter her status, can boast of having some kind of human hair weave or wig.

When it comes to maintaining the human hair, some women find it difficult to do so,

The rules about this weave on or wig is that you can’t just buy a particular design for example curls, because it suits your friend, whereas you don’t know to maintain it.

You have to care for this hair as if they’re your natural hair, they need to be washed, conditioned and neatly combed.

Just  in case you are wondering how to go about it, here’s a step by step guide on how to wash your human hair wig the right way:

Step 1

Brush or comb the hair, till it becomes smooth (detangle free) start with the ends and gently work your way to the middle and the roots.

Step 2

Wash the wig with lukewarm water and wash it from the top down.

Step 3

Apply a good shampoo to wash it, and rinse the hair from the top down. Make sure you wash the soap off totally.

Step 4

Apply conditioner on it and make sure it circulates around the hair. After that, rinse the hair thoroughly and comb it again.

Step 5

Wrap the hair inside a clean towel and rub gently till it dries. After that, shake it out and allow it to dry.

Step 6

You can use a blow dryer to dry out any remaining wetness.

Step 7

When you done with all of this, moisturize and style as you wish. Now your hair is looking neat and new.

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