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Beautiful Pearls Club End The Year With A Grand Dinner Party


Prestigious women’s club, the Beautiful Pearls ended the year with a grand dinner party. The women’s club shows unwavering support to its members in all spheres.

The exclusive event held at the Prestigious Island Bar of the Golden Tulip Hotel, Festac on Saturday, Nov. 10, 2018.

The dinner party began with the gorgeous ladies of the Beautiful Pearls Club gracing the red carpet for photos and interviews with Happenings.

The women put God first by starting the dinner party with opening prayers in appreciation of the creator for the growth of the club. The prestigious women club began with just 20 members and has grown to 40 in 7months.

The President and founder,  Vivian Ohiaeri said the group was more concerned about the quality of its members than the quantity.

She also said the group gets its members through recommendations.

According to Ohiaeri:

“Members have to be working or have a business before they are considered. You also have to be recommended by someone who is active in the group. That person would be your guarantor”.

Vivian Ohaeri

In the course of the event, the guest speaker Nkechi Alade spoke extensively about business strategies. And making businesses visible on social media for a wider reach.

After the lecture, she responded to questions from guests. The question and answer session emphasised tips on running ads on social media platforms.

Nkechi Alade

Thereafter it became a night of festivities, as guests wined, dined and danced all night.

Minaye Anaeto, a top-ranking member also told Happenings:

“You’ve to be active and give your time to the group. When we are learning or having discussions, we like members to be active. We don’t like dormant members,”

Members are financially obligated to pay an undisclosed fee every month.

Although the group is majorly active on WhatsApp, they have physical hangouts, 2nd Sundays of every month.

Phil, a member of the group revealed to happenings the immense emotional support she received from the Beautiful Pearls Club.

According to her:

“There was a time I was depressed and needed someone to talk to, then I saw my friend’s post on Facebook. She told me it was a group of ladies who come together to share things and try to help each other… that’s how I joined.

“It’s been wonderful ever since”.

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Photo Credit: King Solomon Ekhaiyeme

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