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Learning The Art Of Kissing



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You may be having flashbacks of someone who kissed you terribly that you find it difficult to forget that terrible and horrific moment in a hurry.

He or she may have bitten your lips hardly, made your lips swell or spat into your month.

Maybe right now, you know you’re the bad kisser yourself. Fear not, whether its you or your lover, i’ve got the info on how to be a better kisser.

*A note on lip care*

There is absolutely no excuse for having  rough lips. High quality lip balm is cheap at the local drugstore.

Always remember that rough lips do not feel good and your sweetheart deserves better. If your partner has uncared for lips, there is nothing wrong with buying some lip balm for him or her.

The anatomy of a kiss, while a kiss should be on fluid action, its not easy to give advice without breaking a kiss down into various parts.

A kiss includes the lips, tongue, eye, rhyme and caressing.

We’re going to talk about all the elements, so you will be a kissing expert. Just remember, its important to enjoy the kiss for the sake of the kiss and not for the possibility of things that may come after.

Kissing is one of the passionate and intimate acts we can share with lovers.


*Kissing with your eyes*

Making deep eye contact during the approach to a kiss and afterward will create a more intimate bond with your partner. Before and after kissing your partner, you should always look him or her deeply in the eyes.

It tells your partner that you’re attracted to him or her. It also shows a level of trust that you are able to maintain such an intimate moment


The next time you kiss your lover, before starting the actual kiss, hold his or her face in your hands and maintain eye contact for 20 to 30 seconds before beginning the kiss.


Its the most obvious component of a kiss, and the element where most people are either unsure or unaware



Occasionally,  your teeth will connect  with your partner’s teeth during a kiss, unless you’re in a frantic mode, this should not cause damage .

I actually don’t know a single person who’s ever chipped a tooth while kissing.

However, if this is a frequent problem with you or your partner, try slowing down your kisses for a while until you get used to doing it without clashing dental fixture


On another note, using your teeth to administer tiny little grabs and bites on your lovers lips is a great way to change the tempo during kissing. Try it next time but please, don’t bite hard and don’t risk practising it if you know you would bite hard.


A good kiss, of course, comes from somebody who knows how to work the lips. The key here is finding a middle ground. Your lips shouldn’t be so tense that its a battle for your partner to even get them to move. However, they also shouldn’t  be so loose that its like having mouth to mouth contact with a cartoon  character.



What’s the trick to a good tongue movement during a kiss?

Trying to run your tongue as far down your partner’s throat as possible, is not the desired technique.


Start by using your tongue to gently lick your partners lips, then slowly move it into his or her month. Caress your lovers tongue and inner mouth slowly with your tongue and the move gently flicking motions.


The tongue is a powerful muscle with lots of possibilities, show your lover that you can do  more than one thing and you should explore them all.



There should be some moving of the head during a kiss.
Just remember to let the head move naturally and slowly.

If you’re thinking about it, you’re thinking too much.


If your partners head doesn’t move at all, try running your fingers through their hair. While massaging your partner’s scalp with your fingers, you can also control their head movement


Feeling the rhythm of a kiss, going in a rapid speed And staying there, is eventually going to get boring, at least to most people.


There wouldn’t be any time to enjoy the butterflies still in your stomach afterward.

Kisses can have many rhythms including fast and passionate, slow and long, light and tender, and quick and teasing .


*Touching and caressing*

You owe it to your lover to use those hands for other things while you’re kissing. No, I don’t necessarily mean very naughty things.

Try putting your hands behind your partner’s neck and massaging or tickling the back of his or her neck.

Caress your lovers face with your fingertips while you’re kissing, run your hands up and down your lovers arms, or just gently stroke the hollow behind their earlobe.

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