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Liar! Liar! On Tonto, Azuka and Churchill’s Fiasco


It has been a disgraceful back and forth on social media between Tonto Dikeh, Azuka Ogujiuba and Olakunle Churchill, as these adults, in a cringe-worthy manner are washing their dirty linen in public. It all began with the journalist Azuka admitting on a show called hot topics, that Tonto’s accusations of domestic violence against her husband may have been made up.Tonto in a rejoinder, exposed screen shots of her conversations with Azuka, where it is implied that the journalist may have been bribed with the sum of Three million Naira, from her estranged husband.

Now Azuka’s accusations gives me pause, because hers is a sensitive position, over  time, she has come to be the journalist celebrity women, who are faced with difficult marital problems talk to, if they want their own side of the story told. Tiwa Savage reached out to Azuka on the matter with her husband Teebillz. Mercy Aigbe also reached out to Azuka, to tell the tale of domestic violence in her marriage. As expected Tonto reached out to her as well, in the heat of her marital travails.

In my opinion, Azuka saying what she said about Tonto, either true or not, destroys her own credibility, she has unwittingly put her discretion in doubt. I wonder how many women would trust her enough to grant her those enviable exclusives, most journalists will give a right arm to have.

Azuka Ogujiuba

While I understand Tonto’s need to defend herself and her honour, she went down petty street, by exposing her estranged husband’s paternity. One moment he is the son of former President Olusegun Obasanjo, next thing we hear, he is no longer the prince of a political empire, but the son of lowly commoner who is a gardener and was in the employ of the former president.

Tonto forgets, that it is not far from our minds, how she placed her estranged husband on a pedestal before us; how many times did she hoo and haa! at his pedigree and generosity. The lengthy epistles outlining his glowing attributes, she not him, shoved the fictitious image of Olakunle down our throats.

Olakunle Churchill on his part, is unable to keep himself out of the fray, as he comes online to furnish us with his own version of the truth, we are forced to hear the very private description of Tonto Dikeh cesarean birth and the sexual abstinence between them as a result.

The matter disintegrates to the he said – she said scenario, with adults making attempts to out- shout the other, the only words apt enough to capture how appalled I am at the entire fiasco is “shame leave them come catch me”.

I am ashamed, having to see their filthy linen, as they wash it in the full glare of the public eye. Who is telling the lies and whose version is the truth, whatever it is, we hope they conduct themselves in a more decorous manner.


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  1. Your title Liar Liar says it all, someone is lying, someone doesn’t know how to keep a family together and another knows nothing about how to profer evidence.

    A journalist must speak the truth, facts and opinion about a matter at all times so if Azuka did what she did in the light of being a journalist of dignity then she is not wrong to do so but if she actually did it for bribe, then heavens help her but all the same, when allegations are made and rebuffed, there should be concrete evidence first especially when it comes to matters this sensitive. Which is why a journalist should be a detective and a creative one at that.

    Tonto Dikeh on the other hand has given the public another would be view as to why she may have left Church hill. It is in every reasonable man’s eye that she had married him for his affluence and influence as the son of a Political Godfather cum big wig save for if he was a charming man but if finding out that he is the son of a commoner and has no claim to the inheritance of the Godfather made her take to her heels, then that is quite laughable.

    As for Church hill, whether as a commoner’s son or as a God father’s son, he may have gotten a better woman than Tonto Dikeh and still kept his family together. He should find a way to mend things up with Tonto if not for anything, for his son and that is if the boy’s paternity is not questionable now.

    It is very mind troubling for any child to go through what Tonto’s son is going through right now because no matter how we try to elude the belief that the boy is enjoying the company of his mother, the boy will be going through a silent trauma of his own, this whole situation may have affected his psyche by now which will only be evident in his future activities.

    Church hill and Tonto Dikeh should make up or just leave us alone with their wahala.


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