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“Life As Wife Of Reformed Ogboni Confraternity Boss”-MOJISOLA MESHIOYE On Life @ 50

Otunba Yeye Mojisola Meshioye is 50! She is the pretty wife of Olori Oluwo of Reformed Ogboni Confraternity, Chief Francis Meshioye and she turned 50 last June, and her husband celebrated his beautiful wife on Sunday, 27 August, 2017. The event was one of its kind as many prominent Nigerians gathered to celebrate the beautiful woman. ABIOLA ORISILE, was at the event during which she had an exclusive interview with the celebrator.
She spoke about her love story, her life at 50 and what it takes to be a wife of the leader of the Reformed Ogboni Confraternity. Below are excerpts of the interview.
How happy are you to turn 50?
I am more than happy. The feeling can not be measured. It is a wonderful thing. Funny enough, I don’t feel 50. To me, I am just felling like a 30 years old lady. I am young at heart.
Why did you decide to celebrate your 50th birthday?
Well, my 50th birthday is all about thanksgiving to God, who made me to see the day. This is the first time I would be celebrating my birthday in a very big form. I am a very private person, who likes to hold a very private birthday party. I hardly party unless it is very important. But turning 50, for me, is a milestone. I look at how far I have come and I felt there is a reason for me to celebrate. I used the opportunity to appreciate the goodness of God in my life. I turned 50 in June and I held a thanksgiving service in church and people were asking, “are you sure she is 50 years”. So, I was saying “wait, the big party is coming up soon”.
How was growing up like for you ?
I had a memorable upbringing just as every other girl from a polygamous family. I am the 4th for my mum and 5th for my dad. My father, the late (Pa.) Odunsi was a Teacher and my mum of blessed memory too was a fashion designer. My parents though are late, they left a legacy. I just want to thank God for his faithfulness in my life. He uplifted me and made me who I am. I had a sweet, ugly and memorable upbringing, which I would never forget in my life despite all the ups and downs of life that I have weathered I deserve to praise His name.
Your husband is handsome what is the love story like?
I met my husband in Lagos when I moved to Lagos from Ijebu-Igbo. He was also a young man then with prospect. I was working in a bookshop as an Admin Officer. I wanted to further my education and I got an ICAN form. Imagine when a secondary school leaver wants to do a professional exam. I knew I had to read. My husband was my classmate and he was one of the most brilliant students in the class. He was already a member of many professional bodies in Nigeria and abroad and he needed to pass ICAN examinations, so that was how our paths crossed and we were close for many months. He used to put me through in my work.
I used to regard him as my brother, whom I sought advice from. There was practically nothing I didn’t tell him and one day, he told me that education was the most paramount. Then, he asked me out? And the rest is history.
How best would you describe your husband?
I will call him my father, my mentor, my guardian. A very thorough man. He got me my second job after I left my first job at the Bookshop. My husband took up the role of a father right from the time we were dating. He is my God-sent helper.
How long have you been married?
We have been married for 26 years and still counting.
What has sustained your 26 year marriage?
Love has brought us this far. Aside that, he is a very nice man. My husband is very caring. Though, every marriage has it ups and downs, but we were able to weather the storm and stand tall. He loves me and I adore him too. My husband is my shoulders and that is why I call him, my father.
Your husband is fine and rich, how do you cope as people may seek his attention?
Right from when we met, I knew my husband as a very focused and loving person. His family comes first in all he does. So, I am always at peace that my heart is secured as long as it is with him. I pray that God, who has always been with him, would always help him. My husband always has a belief that he could not leave his family.
Your husband is rich, did you start your life big?
No, we didn’t. We started small and we return the glory to God that He has brought us this far. Though, he already had a car and he was leaving in a flat then.
But we were not this rich, but with God by ourside, we were able to come this far. So, every young couple should look at prospect and not at the present financial status. We thank our mothers, who stood by us when we had our share of marital ups and downs. So, we didn’t start this big.
You are a Christian, how easy was it for you to know what the Reformed Ogboni Confraternity is about?
My husband is the Olori Oluwo of the Reformed Ogboni Confratanity of Nigeria. Let me put it on record that he never forced me to join him. In fact, it took me over 10 years to under study them. He would take me in his car to their meetings and I would be hearing them singing praises to God.
It was all like singing in a church, praising God. He allowed me see things for myself that the confraternity is an association. We have prominent people as members. These members are also well educated and doing well in their choosen careers.
When I was still new, I would watch over my husband’s drinking cup whenever we were at a party. I didn’t know that the members too were also watching me. A man later asked my husband who I was and my husband said, his fiance. There is love among the members. Not many people could leave their drinking cup at a party even among their friends, but I found out that Ogboni members have clean minds. They watch one another’s back. I also had my reservations then because when I was in the village, we used to believe that Ogboni people are bad and we would always run away from them. But it was the Reformed Ogboni of Nigeria that changed my notion about them. They are highly religious persons with open minds.
So, it took me more than 10 years before I could come to terms with what they do. You know, we believe that Ogboni people used to remove body parts of members at death. All these are lies. It is sheer brainwashing. I see my husband in and out, he is very plain. So, what they do has to do with seeing the light. You must not do evil to others. We are good Christians. We have good Muslims as members too.
You don’t look 50, what is the secret of your youthful look?
I like everything Natural. It is the grace of God that makes me look young. I am a very contented person. I also don’t use chemical on my skin. I love my black local soap and locally made “Adiagbon”.

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