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Simple Habits That Are Giving You Wrinkles


Ilori Titilayo

There is no magical fountain that can help us maintain our youth, although every woman wants to keep her youth and beauty for as long as possible.

But aging is an important part of our life, all we can do is care for our skin and maintain its beauty.

Lack of skin care can lead to early wrinkles. As we age wrinkle are inevitable but try not to make them appear sooner by neglecting to care for your skin.

It is best to know what leads to wrinkles, so you can avoid the habit as soon as possible.

1. You should not scrub your face too often, when you wash your face too much, you can rob your skin of hydration.

Care for your skin in the morning and in the evening by using a gentle cleanser and a good moisturizer.

2.  It is better to sleep on your back,  in other to avoid premature wrinkle. By sleeping on your side, sleep lines can appear on your face.

3. Yes, soda tastes good, but it is also very harmful to your body and skin.

According to a research in the American Journal of Public Health, 5,300 subjects between the ages of 20 to 65 who drank a daily 20-ounce serving of soda for three years looked 4.6 years older than those who did not.

4. Avoid stretching your eyes when applying your eyeliner, These actions can lead to premature age lines and wrinkles. And also avoid applying too much makeup, let your skin breath

5. Chewing gum is one of the habits that can give you wrinkles.

When you are constantly chewing and blowing bubbles with your gum, you are stretching out your facial muscles, which can cause wrinkles in the future.

6. Avoid eating junk food, because your body needs only healthy fats such as omega 3 fatty acids, fish and nuts.

And you should add some fat to your diet to prevent the ageing process.

7. Be careful of the soap you use, some bathing soaps can give you wrinkles. These soaps can also interrupt with your skin’s natural pH balance, and it can also strip your skin of oils.

Use only a gentle cleanser which can help you maintain natural pH balance and keep your skin hydrated.

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