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Linda Ikeji Goes Blank!


By ‘Bode Modupe

A visit to the site of Nigeria’s celebrated blogger, Linda Ikeji, blank is what you get, as Tech firm Google, finally bows to pressure to yank the site from its platform owing to claims of plagiarism.

Linda Ikeji Blog (LIB), which was by far Nigeria’s most visited blog, grossing at least N5 million per week according to sources, got the axe from its host, Google on Wednesday.

Only a day before, Ikeji who recently acquired a N24 million SUV, a clear statement of her growing success, raised alarm over attacks on her site by some detractors, who she claims were driven by jealousy.

“The only reason this is happening to me is because I’m number one…so I am flattered. I am No.10 on Alexa.com, more read than all the other news sites in Nigeria, so I understand why I am the target, I understand. If I were them, I’d hate me too…lol.

Alluding to past attempts by the ‘haters’ to bring her down she says: “…They forget that if they succeed in closing down LIB because I’m on blogger…I could easily start a website.

“Now let me tell you who these guys are. They are IT people, security experts who know how the internet works. They are hackers and cyber-squatters…and only go after the biggest internet setups.

“Immediately after I shared photos of my new SUV, these guys re-connected again and decided it was finally time to end LIB because there were quite a few people who were mad that I bought the car and they wanted to play on their emotions.

“The head of this team is a guy who goes by the name @Mr Aye Dee on twitter. They decided to use the plagiarism card. He said it was the strongest claim to make and easiest way to get support from other people.” She explained.

“Like I said these guys are IT experts, they know what to do to get blogger/Google to come after you. So he and his team started filling several reports, sending links of my blog and making claims to Google. Outrageous false claims.

“And because Google acts first before they contact the blog owner, they took down some posts and asked me to file a counter claim if I felt I had a right to re-publish those articles.

Now that my blog is under Google review, these guys have started to spam it again. They want Google to shut it down. That is their aim.”

In an attempt to remedy the situation, Ikeji appeals to her teeming followers on Twitter: “@lindaikeji: The blog is still up on http://t.co/gUcIc4nhTR…please read there for now until I sort this out”.

One of the comments from her follower reads: “We want the real blog”.

“Come let me make you a proper website. Forget all this blog crap.” said another.

Going by reactions on various social media platforms such as FaceBook, there are some who believe Ikeji had it coming, for making cheap money off other people’s sweat.

Well, she sure had a good lead on her own story.

Is this a case of another poor victim of ‘haters’?

What is your take?

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