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Linda Ikeji’s Pregnancy Reveals the Hypocrisy of your Favorite Celebrities


The month of May has been a rather eventful one, with Davido and Chioma giving us Assurance, to Wizkid’s baby mama drama. The latest to break the internet is none other than celebrity blogger, Linda Ikeji.

The extremely wealthy Nigerian blogger has been at the receiving end of censure and criticism.


She had dared to become a rich ‘man’ without being a wife and mother, therefore causing a sense of imbalance in society’s order. At the forefront of this criticism against her, is controversial, self acclaimed journalist, Kemi Olunloyo, who went as far as propagating the nasty rumour that Linda Ikeji had no uterus, therefore she would never carry a child.

Trust superstitious Nigerians, who said that the celebrity blogger had sacrificed her womb for fame and wealth. Indeed Nigerians did not let her live. The pressure to become a wife and mother intensified, after her younger sister, Laura Ikeji got married and welcomed a baby boy.

Whatever achievements  Linda Ikeji would announce, you would expect to see the words “Go and marry”. Therefore news of her pregnancy and photos of her proudly spotting her baby bump, practically cracked the Nigerian social media space in two. With staunch supporter orgasmic with the announcement and screaming “shame to bad people”.

However while news of her pregnancy is a thing of joy, it reveals the latent hypocrisy of our favorite celebrities. Made even worse that as public figures, every word from their mouth is swallowed by young people, hook, line and sinker.

How many times has this celebrity blogger while organizing female empowerment seminars and interviews told those who cared to listen,  that she had abstained from sex, so she could build her empire.

Linda Ikeji had become the front runner for not just sexual abstinence but celibacy, with several women embracing her ideaology in a bid to be like Linda Ikeji. While her advocacy of sexual abstinence and celibacy is commendable, news of her pregnancy is a classic case of “do as I say, not as I do”.

Bam! Unexpectedly, there is their idol, heavy with child and in the second trimester of her pregnancy.

Did Linda Ikeji get pregnant by eating Eba?

No, Linda Ikeji did not get pregnant by eating Eba, she got pregnant by enjoying the sinful pleasures of the flesh. By enjoying unprotected sex with a red-blooded, rather virile man, if her belly is any indication.

Recall that she announced her engagement a month ago, and she is in the second trimester of her pregnancy. Clearly our dear Linda was anything but celibate.

Moral of the story?

While you idolize your celebrities and hang on their every word; while you soak up everything you see on social media, don’t forget to be you and do you.

These celebrities we follow and believe are hypocritical and usually do not practice what they preach.

Remember Toke Makinwa?

I will leave this here: Toke Makinwa is a wife turned Mistress

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