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Lizzy Anjorin And Ronke Oshodi’s Rift Continues, Snubs Each Other At Eko Hotel

Lizzy Anjorin and Ronke Ojo

The social media spat between two of Nollywood highfliers in the Yoruba movie genre is beginning to have the makings of another major breach of friendship and enmity that will divide the industry and leave the public salivating from tit bits of news snippets on the escalating developments.

Ronke Oshodi Lizzy Anjorin have been known to be good pals.

However, things went sour between the two recently when Ronke Oshodi on her comment to Lizzy’s post of her newly acquired auto on Intagram. Ronke had advised Lizzy telling her they celebrities should keep their lifestyle off the social media in other not to be accused of showing off.

However, Lizzy took exception to the statement and accused Ronke of jealousy and bad belly.

Ronke rattled back and a social media war started. However, from all indications, the two have really taken the issue serious has they were noticed to have snubbed each other at the Eko Hotel venue of a charity event put together by the Ooni of Ife on the 24th June 2018.

We hope this is not another saga that will blow out of proportion.

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