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Looking For Love Online? 5 Must Knows!


Scratch tradition! Who says you’ve got to hit the streets every freaking weekend just because a girl’s looking for love? I mean, with the unending hustle and bustle where you spend basically your whole life at the office, how’s the every day girl/ dude supposed to find sweet beautiful love? Keep calm, the dating world is becoming more and more liberal and online dating crediting for linking different individuals from all parts of the world is quite gaining popularity, but be careful though, here are 5 things you must keep at the back of your mind if you want to venture on this terrain:

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Online sites use decoy profiles


Sorry to burst your bubble if you’ve been drooling over profiles on dating sites , they’re absolutely not real! Every business aims to impress, so yeah online dating sites use decoy profiles to keep you on scrolling longer. One fact – a decoy never interacts with you long enough to go on a date or get involved for that matter

Easy breezy way scammers use to get that cash from you


Okay ever heard the statement love with your eyes wide shut? Totally applies here. The hustle is real so yes, you have to be on the lookout for slimy folks trying to scam you; personal information i e cash details/ identity should never ever be divulged, regardless of how trustworthy the mystery man/woman seems.

Sometimes you meet outright crazy ass folks


From manipulators to liars… online dating is a gamble. Although there’s no denying lots of individuals lie about a lot…of things, most people are actually truly looking for love but chances are, you might get caught up in the wrong hands.

Arm thyself


Just because the possibility of having to deal with lots of headaches online lingers somewhere in your mind, it shouldn’t stop you. Rather protect yourself by conducting your own research on a person before meeting one on one. Verify profile in comparison to other online websites for things that don’t quite match up. An inquisitive mind gets all the answers.

You’re not likely to get it right the first time



Does that sound harsh? Just like dating physically, online takes time, but it does have its benefits- it’s way easier to meet prospectives online. Don’t jump, take it easy; just because you guys have a good conversation doesn’t automatically mean you’re compatible.

Last word – Although online dating can be pretty scary, it’s pretty awesome too!


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