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5 Sure Signs You’re Afraid Of Commitment


Does the thought of you walking down the aisle make you want to throw up? Does the phrase “till death do us part” choke the air right out your lungs leaving you gasping for breath? Do you often find yourself taking two steps backward each time you realise you’re really getting to like someone? Well, you just might have commitment issues. If you find yourself doing a lot of random dating and totally detest the idea of anything long term that as well might be a pointer. The fear of commitment which isn’t restricted to the male folks has been known to ruin even the best of relationships as the person in question often finds a zillion reasons why commitment isn’t just what they need “at that point”. Not sure you’ve got commitment issues? 5 signs;

1. Committing to just one person is one hell of a problem


How long do your relationship often lasts; A month? two? At most six? Well, if you find that pattern sort of going on with you having a hard time trying to process being with one person forever, then commitment might just be an issue for you. Do you feel scared by the possibility of being bored and stuck with one partner for life, commitment issue is definitely in the picture.

2. You feel as though relationships hold you back


If you most often than not find that you end majority of your relationships because they sort of hold you back from something better out there even though you might not know what it is, that’s a sure sign you’re afraid of commitment. To you, relationships are restrictive, you love your options open and putting other things like work , friends and family before love make much more sense, so you avoid that at all cost. A relationship to you equates sacrificing your own goals and that’s never happening.

3. You still feel emotionally scarred from previous relationships


You’re scarred from your previous experience and this holds you back from committing to another, that’s a problem. If you ever want to be happy again you’ve just got to learn how to trust again. The person who hurt you is in the past and transferring that burden on your current partner is not just fair on them. Don’t let the fear of being hurt again hold you back, it prevents you from giving your all to your partner. Don’t lock out an amazing future with someone just because of your past. Let go and move forward.

4. Even your best relationships end for the smallest reasons


You’ve had pretty good relationships in the past but somehow you can’t just digest it all, so you sabotage it. Do you find yourself breaking up with your partner for the filmiest of reasons? While breaking up with someone based on different goals or infidelity might be deemed tangible grounds, you calling it quits just because they didn’t give you breakfast, don’t like your favourite movie, or perhaps wore your shirt isn’t justifiable in the least.

5. You’re more interested in sex than an emotional connection


You don’t do emotional stuffs, simple! All that lovey dovey stuff just irks you out completely, gross! The thought of not having someone bother you about feelings and the future is such a huge relief you can’t help but be thankful for every single day.  Basically it’s all about sex for you, after all you’re really good at it. Lol… It all boils down to you being scared of getting hurt, so you feed off sex, trying to buy time till maybe you’re strong enough to handle whatever comes with emotional baggage. If that ever happens that is.

In all, although it can be hard, you need to learn to move forward so you can enjoy a happy and healthy relationship.

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