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Man bags 25 year jail term for mass spread of HIV

The World Health Organization has issued a call to action to China over HIV/AIDS as government figures said nearly half a million people are living with the disease or its precursor, with hundreds of thousands more thought to be undiagnosed (AFP)

On Thursday, he was found guilty of torture with aggravating circumstances, operating a clinic without a licence, and intentionally spreading HIV, said Toch Sopheakdey, a spokesman for the Battambang Provincial Court of First Instance. Besides a 25-year sentence, Chrin also faces a five-million-riel fine (1,235 dollars).

“This sends a clear message to the other doctors nationwide who are providing medical treatment without a licence to be aware,” Sopheakdey told newsmen. An investigation by UNAIDS, the World Health Organization and local authorities traced the outbreak to Chrin and his reuse of tainted needles.

In Cambodia, it is common for medication to be administered by injection, which is perceived as more effective than oral medication, according to UNAIDS country coordinator Marie-Odile Emond. At least 10 villagers in Roka commune have died from complications related to HIV, primarily the elderly and very young children.

Cambodia has slowed HIV transmission since its peak in the late 1990s. There are 75,000 people living with HIV in a population of 15 million, according to UNAIDS 2014 data, and it remains primarily a heterosexual disease spread through the sex trade.

Source: www.vanguardngr.com

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