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The Mango Seller: A Child Hawker’s Plight (Video)


by Happenings

A frail, young school girl, named Zainab, who is no older than ten years, is sent to hawk mangoes under the scorching hot sun even while her mates are learning at school. Her parents, the supposed protectors of the child, would rather indulge their selfish interests in material gain at the expense of their child’s safety than support her. They remain nonchalant about their daughter’s plight, which becomes even more pitiable when her father physically assaults her with a horrendous-looking whip when someone dares to ask why she is not in school.

This video, on the streets of Orile Agege Local Government, captured by Mercy Osuya for Happenings TV vividly portrays the menacing scourge of child hawking in Lagos State.

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  1. Beht why? This girl is far too young. Kilode? How can parents treat their own children this way, and yet, if somebody else treats their children like this, they will say the person is wicked. Hmmm!


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