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Meet Taju the 5-Year Old Who is Not in School and there are Millions of Nigerian Children Like Him


5-years- old Taju from Ibadan became a viral  sensation when a video of him revealing that he is in not school went on social media.

The adorable little boy who is quite outspoken and vivacious, made it clear in Yoruba that he is not in school. Thus the hunt for Taju began with several celebrities and well meaning Nigerians, pledging to contribute money for his education.

As expected, Nigerians embraced the sudden virality as a chance to be in the limelight. Taju is the new celebrity in town and everyone wants to associate with him.

Beyond the social media fan fare and the ‘oohs’  and ‘aaahs’ for Taju, is the incomprehensible truth that there are millions of Nigerian children like Taju who have never seen the four walls of a school or have access to quality education.

Their stories remain untold because they are not fortunate to go viral on social media like little Taju.

In 2018, millions of Nigerian children have no access to education, who is to blame for this anomaly, a failed government that let so many children fall through the cracks or the cloying presence of poverty in their communities.

There are millions of Nigerian Children like little Taju and sadly we don’t know their names.

See the Viral Video of Taju:

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