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Meet the cast from “Lunch Time Heroes”


The family drama/comedy “Lunch Time Heroes” from FilmOne premiered on Sunday, 23 August at FilmHouse cinemas, Liesure mall Surelere. The movie has in its cast a good number of young new faces in the Nigerian film industry along side notable stars like Dakore Akande, Omoni Oboli and Tina Mba. Happenings Magazine got to speak with a few of the cast about what it was like working on set this film, below are their responses:

Kada Mattew


Kada played the role of Rekevwe, one of the unruly students. He did more of sleeping than studying.

What was it like working on the set “Lunch Time Heroes”?
It was so much fun. That was my first time on set and I really had no expectations. I thought it would be just coming and going from home, but it was different, I had to live with them for three weeks. It’s my first Nollywood film.

On working with Dakore Akande…
When I heard Dakore was in the movie, I was very excited. When I first saw her I was shy and couldn’t talk to her but later I got to know her. She is a very nice person. I am nothing like the character in the movie.

On future movie appearances…
I hope to be in all Nollywood films.

Cassandra Rosman


On working on set the film…

I played the character Kishi. The experience was spectacular; amazing. We had to exercise every morning to keep fit for the movie.
On her character…

Keishi is a boss girl in the class who doesn’t listen to anyone instead she makes the rules. She loves fashion; can kill for fashion.

Any similarity to the character played…

I’m not exactly like her. We have some similarities, I have more brains though.

On getting the part…
My mum has a friend who needed cast, I auditioned and got the role.

Sunshine Rosman


Sunshine played the role Amara in the movie.

On working on set the film…

My experience working on set Lunch Time Heroes was very stressful, we stayed up very late but I’m surprised we still appeared so good on camera. Every scene in the Home economics lab was shot at night because we had to re-create the lab. We slept about two hours at night and then we were back on set.

On similarity to the character…

I’m in JSS 2 as Amara, we have fashion in common but not as bad. I make my own decisions unlike Amara who just seems to follow.

Diana Yekini


Diana plays the role of Banke, the 23 year old corp member who leads the students considered to be unruly and difficult to handle in the quest to win the Governor’s cup.

What was it like working on the movie?
It was a great experience working with children and we had a fantastic director. It had its challenging moments but for the first time working with kids, it was a lovely experience. It was extremely tiring, there were moments we stayed for hour and the kids were tired and hungry, but I think its all about the love for the for the work. At the end seeing the movie shows hard work paid off.
Would you describe the script as challenging?
Well for me the script was ideally quite different from Diana Yekini, I’m more outgoing, fun, loud, crazy but Banke is more subdued and homely, I did my best I would like to say.

Watch “Lunch Time Heroes” in cinemas from 28 August, 2015.

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